We do not support or condone any illegal use on any frequency !

This site is a reminder of the past, and a source of information for the future should the frequencies become available again.

Please read with interest or take a trip down memory lane.

If you can contribute to this archive please do and help preserve the information of what was the best band ever!!!






1- In the past the band has been “given” to GSM applications. Where it used to belong to the public as a alternative CB band.  More than 3000 tranceivers were sold in the UK alone.

2- At present time the normal “CB” band cant be used due to PLC noises. Normal communication has been made almost impossible.

3-In many countries; laws limitate the possible use of operation of the normal  CB band (27 MHz). For instance :

In The Netherlands the law says you are not allowed to erect any antenna above 5 meters from your roof. All “normal” base station antennas are longer and therefor the law is limiting the use.

4-The present day user of the “public bands” is a enthusiast who xplores the technical back ground. Often that implicates trying different types of antennas and understanding how propagation behaves. Due to the high frequencies antennas are relative small and experiments are made easy.

5-It is true that one could become a  “HAM” (radio amateur) allowing to experiment on different frequencies. Though the way to become “HAM” is often long and intense, in most cases it is not an easy job, and for some the “goal” is out of reach.

In order to learn and experiment there must be some “room” to do so,

934 MHz is ideal fur such purpose.

6- In many countries 934 MHz is a “free” civilian communication band

Why not anymore in Europa ?

Because of these and many more reasons there is a large majority who would like to see the 934 MHz band re-allocated again for public use.