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  1. Finally a good site for 900mhz addicts! There’s never enough info
    on these units, so I’m looking forward to more entries on these cool rigs!

    1. Hi Jim
      Peter on the facebook pages posted his findings on these antennas and concluded that a simple homemade Bi-Quad worked better than those cheap yagi’s.
      The match on the china yagi was terrible and the driven element was reconstructed.

  2. Hi all. I do have some great memories of 934. One being the first time I went on air with my Delta 1, Leicester to Nottingham it was like talking on a phone so clear. I have 2 deltas and a reftec. In the process of building a beam antenna. It would be great to have a qso maybe one day.

  3. Hello , from Germany.
    I´ve four Stabo (Autophon / Kyocera KM-1/2 ) PRS/CB .
    I will try out from home and mobile …
    At this time, i need some antennas.

    Kind regards

  4. Hi all , I have ben watching with interest the site for some time . I am about to retire from work soon at the age of seventy. Due to my area of work in radio I could not get involved in the site in the past but i feel I can now do so . I was the chair of the 934mhz club for many years and indeed there at the closure of the club a sad ending . My call was UK 0585 .
    I attended many of the RCA meetings in London and have many documents and minutes of the RAC forums that I attended in the fight to save 934mhz Radio. I indeed closed the 934mhz club down as the chair . it would be nice to tell the full story of the pressures put on to the club committee and its members to give up 934mhz. Regrets yes ! Lots of good memories Yes. UK 0585

    1. Hi Colin
      Great to hear from you.
      Great memories they certainly were. We are striving to preserve and document as much as we can here on the site. Any contribution, document copies, accounts and stories would be most welcome additions.

      Best Regards Terry

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