Fequency range – 934.0125 – 934.9625MHz
Channel spacing – 50kHz
Number of channels – 20

A British company REFTEC,  produced the first  934MHz transceiver and matching antennas. There were three models in all starting with the MTR MK I, dogged with issues. The MTR MK II was a very nice radio and gave pleasure to many and the REFTEC BS-934 base station.

Other early British radios were the Grandstand transverter which was a unit which pluged into the Grandstand bluebird 27MHz rig and converted it to 934MHz. Then came the Uniace Minster a dual-band 27 / 934 Mhz base station, The Uniace 400 and finally A single channel handheld from Gem Communications.

Then came the imports from the land of the rising sun.

It didn’t take the Japanese long to identify the UK market for 934 MHz CB radio. They were already exporting a similar system to Switzerland. Modified from there allocation at 903MHz. The NPR Kestrel or Commtel was the first of the Japanese imports, followed by the  Cybernet Delta One and the JTI NPR-900 hand-held (Re-badged Mitsubishi m-370)

If REFTEC deserve all the credit for getting 934 MHz CB started, and SELECTRONICS of canvey Island the credit for setting up the first specialist dealership, it was undoubtedly NEVADA Communications in Portsmouth who accelerated the bands growth with the Delta One rig.

The Cybernet Delta One established its self as the Mini Cooper of 934MHz. Small, neat, full of features, good ergonomics and reliable and it took the band by storm !!.

Reftec early prototype

Reftec MTR-1

Reftec MTR-2

Reftec BS-934

Cybernet Delta 1

Commtel NPR-934 (The Kestral)

Uniace 400 (8 watts)

Uniace Minster 934/27 (Dual band 934MHz & 27MHz) 8 Watts

Tactica 934MHz (Extremely rare no info anywhere only ever seen this one) Does not have cb934/81 badge so either proto type or home rebox

Grandstand LA83 934MHz Transverter (With its matching Granstand Bluebird 27MHz driver)

Grandstand LA83 transverter 8 watts

JTI NPR-900 Handheld (UK version 20ch) Really a re-badged Mitsubishi MT-370

Gem communications single channel handheld (channel 10)