Eznec pro/4 version of a biquad

For a friend i made an eznec pro/4 version of a biquad with a square reflector screen behind it.

The element diameter is 1.5mm but…the design is very forgiving…2mm is fine as well. the “biquad” sides are 77.76 mm in square. (so 8 times 77.76mm in total) Dont worry if your on 77.7 or 77.8..

The distance to the reflector is 34.4 mm.
The reflector is roughly 140x340mm and the screen is made up out of small 20mm squares .The entire screen can be large if needed, its not recommended to use a smaller screen. and its not recommended to use “larger” squares within that screen, smaller is oke..

It produces about 10 dBI and has a direct 50 ohms impedance..
and is wide in SWR bandwidth..
If your a little accurate you cant do much wrong…Google biquad to found out more and how easy it is to construct one
(or stack a couple hihi)