Here you will find a selection of Japanese 903 to 905Mhz sets. The 934MHz allocations in the UK and Switzerland both had some sets modified from this allocation. So this is a glimpse of what we could have had. These “Personal Radio”  sets are still used in Japan (although the band is now withdrawn) and are know as Orange tops as  all antennas had to have an orange top. This tradition was evident in the UK also, as the antennas imported from Japan and sold by the likes of Nevada the importers of the Delta 1 set had orange tops.

Radios must be equipped with a control ROM for Auto-Callsign and Digital ID by 1200bps/4800bps MSK. The Rom had to be applied for and registered when purchasing the set.

However illegal expansion Roms were available which bypassed the registration and also expanded the channels to many hundreds. (see the manual mod section of this site)

Personal radio

Test ItemTechnical regulation,etc
Class of emissionF2D
Assigned frequency or designated frequency903.0125(C-ch)
Number of channel or spacing158
12.5kHz interleave
Frequency error (x10-6)3kHz
Occupied bandwidth tolerance16kHz
Spurious emission intensity toleranceOver 1W-60dB
1W or less25µW
Antenna powerSpecified value5W or less
Error +20%     -50%
Maximum frequency deviation, shift±5kHz
Adjacent channel power tolerance
Leak power with carrier turned OFF
Signal transmission rate
Overall operating characteristicsTotal flow
Other equipment than transmitter/receiverCalling and storage device
Note or other test itemsValue in the parentheses
represents PRPC standards.
Control signal frequency
Gain:7.14dBi or less
Horizontal plane non-